Monday, 16 February 2009

Media Mix (1): The Wye, 'My Mile of the River'

The first of a four-part series by Chris Tally Evans on the River Wye was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 14.45 pm yesterday. The fifteen minute programme is available on iPlayer for the next six days if you would like to catch up before episode 2 (featuring a wheelbarrow championship) comes on air next weekend. Join Chris, Director of the unusual Stage School, as he celebrates the sounds of the river near his home in Rhayader, Mid Wales, and goes in search of a 'yaffle' in the woods. Meet the supporting cast - the presenter's family, his hawk and his dog - who star alongside the river itself as it 'flows through the lives of the people' who live along its banks.


Mistlethrush said...

I'll have to tell Idris about this - that's where he was brought up.

Dave King said...

What a brilliant blog! Where have you been all my (blogging) life?