Saturday, 14 February 2009

Magazine Moment (1): The Seventh Quarry

Laugharne, South Wales
© David Gill 2009

I was delighted to receive my copy of the winter issue of The Seventh Quarry (9) this last week. As usual it is beautifully produced with a good quality cover and a cornucopia of poems from most corners of the globe (from Wales to America; from China to Catalonia and beyond). The international flavour permeates the pages: there is, for example, an interview with Dr Rita Malhotra, a mathematician (and poet) from the University of Delhi. Poems that particularly caught my eye in this issue include Punta Los Lopos, Carmel Bay, California by Aeronwy Thomas, At our Backyard Birdfeeder by Frane L. Helner and the catchy and witty Sing Along by Jean Salkilld, to name but three.

Peter Thabit Jones (Wales) is the editor and Vince Clemente (America) is the Consultant Editor. The Seventh Quarry casts its net wide in geographical terms and consequently provides the reader with an eclectic and colourful selection of contemporary poetry. Peter's passion for craft shines through the pages. The magazine comes out twice a year and has recently 'become a cooperating partner with Cross-Cultural Communications Publishers, New York'. The magazine is peppered with a carefully chosen selection of advertisements, including one for a recent (and recommended) publication from Rack Press, Cuffs by Byron Beynon. If you are not familiar with The Seventh Quarry, why not forego that cappuccino and treat yourself instead to a sample issue for £3.50/$10 (£7/$20 for a year's subscription).


Susan Richardson said...

Like you, I love the international flavour of this journal.Have you done courses with Peter, Caroline?

Caroline Gill said...

I have indeed: children's literature and poetry.