Thursday 16 January 2020

2020: the start of a new writing decade

I was up early this morning and able to appreciate the sunrise. New beginnings offer fresh opportunities, and I wait with anticipation to see what the new decade will bring in terms of developments in our surprisingly fast-moving poetry scene.

Healthwise, my new year did not start in the best of ways (shingles!), but I am encouraged by the fact that once again this blog has been included in Matthew Stewart's Rogue Strands list of The Best U.K. Poetry Blogs of 2019. Thank you, Matthew.

Thank you, too, to the December readers of Reach Poetry (Indigo Dreams Publishing), who voted my Warkworth Hermitage poem into 'The Box' for January. Endorsement from one's poetry peers is particularly welcome, especially when the vote is accompanied by a specific or constructive comment.

I wonder how much fellow poets plan their year and how much they go with the flow, depending on what opportunities arise. I remember setting a specific New Year goal some years ago, and sensing the satisfaction some months later in reaching the set target. Do you set specific personal goals? These days I tend to trade more in 'hopes' and 'dreams', but perhaps I should do more plotting and planning. Above all, I would like to commit to more incisive thinking and to a year of more reading, writing and submissions. In these uncertain times I want to experience that sense of wonder that poetry can offer.

But first I must knuckle down and tackle my record-keeping and my annual box of poetry filing...