Monday, 2 February 2009

World Wetlands Day 2 February 2009

We had an enjoyable walk around the WWT Centre at Penclacwydd in South Wales over the weekend. You can look at three of my stars in the photographs above. We enjoyed watching a peregrine as it circled overhead. You can also see what other birds I saw out on the estuary and around the Lllanelli area by looking at my Birdstack (right column once you have clicked the livelink). Birdstack is such fun, and I now have my first Birdstack 'friend' (a bit like friends on Facebook).

The beautiful little egrets are so much a part of the Gower scene these days: I remember not long ago feeling that it was a red letter day if we caught a glimpse of one. Earlier today I blogged about Edgar Allan Poe: he was a master of rhyme and rhythm when he chose to be, and as I write this, lines from The Raven keep flitting through my head.

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Marites said...

wetlands are integral part of the ecosystem and it is so fascinating to see that the wetland you have visited is teeming with life. My World entry is up..