Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Reviews of 'Driftwood by Starlight'



The photo above was taken by David (Gill) back in June on a cool afternoon on Minions Moor in Cornwall. The stones in the foreground form part of The Hurlers; and, as such, date back to the Bronze Age. I believe the building in the background constitutes the remains of Houseman's Shaft Engine House. This part of Minions Moor is the setting for 'The Figure at the Phoenix Mine', the sestina on p.22 of my first full poetry collection, Driftwood by Starlight (The Seventh Quarry Press, 2021 - see here). 

Reviews of the book and short features have begun to appear, so it seemed an idea to mention them, with links. I shall add to the list as I go along. 

I am extremely grateful to those who have taken the trouble to read my poems and to write about them. Susan Richardson, who wrote the back cover blurb, was among the first to do this. 



[1] August 2021 - review by Juliet Wilson on The Crafty Green Poet site, here

[2] Tracey Foster, whose review on Everybody's Reviewing was arranged by Dr Jonathan Taylor, Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Leicester - here.  

[3] Neil Leadbeater on the Write Out Loud site - here

Online Features

[1] July 2021 - Writers' Online Showcase section, here

[2] Creative Writing at Leicester blog, arranged by Dr Jonathan Taylor, Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Leicester - here

[3] Poetry Blog Digest on Via Negativa (Dave Bonta) - here.

[4] My thanks to Maria Lloyd (@mariatlloyd) at the University of Reading for the set of questions she posed about the collection. Links to the Q&As can be found here.


Others Mentions and Listings

[1] 31 July 2021 - The Poetry Society, Members' e-bulletin.

[2] 27 July 2021 - The Poetry School, e-newsletter.

[3] 12 July 2021 - ACW eNews, bulletin #27

[4] September 2021 - In Touch (Suffolk community magazine).

[5] Autumn 2021 - Star Tips #143 (with sample poem)  


[1] 3 August 2021 - Online launch and reading, with Peter Thabit Jones of The Seventh Quarry Press and guest readers, Susan Richardson, Jean Salkilld and David Gill reading their own work.

[2] 7 October 2021 - Suffolk Poetry Society National Poetry Day event in Ipswich Library, Suffolk, UK. Three poems from the collection were included in, and read out on my behalf, as part of an event on the theme of 'Choice'.  



Wednesday, 15 September 2021

'Driftwood by Starlight' ... Posts Relating To My Poetry Collection


When Driftwood by Starlight, my first full poetry collection, was published by The Seventh Quarry Press in June 2021, Maria Lloyd (@mariatlloyd), a research student at the University of Reading, set me some questions about a number of the poems, and particularly about those that relate to the Ancient World in one way or another.

You can find my responses in blog posts (1) to (3) below. I hope you will find something of interest if you click on the links.

(1) Questions from Maria Lloyd here. A post on 'Monte Testaccio, Mound of Potsherds', p.35.

(2) Questions from Maria Lloyd here. A post on 'Wildfire', p.31.

(3) Questions from Maria Lloyd here. A post on 'The Ocean's Tears', p.24 and 'Ice-Blue Blood', p.25.  

 • • •

While I was in Cornwall earlier in the summer, I took the opportunity to re-visit some of the settings in the book. Posts (a) to (c) below refer to these. 

(a) Cadgwith on The Lizard peninsula, setting for 'The Serpentine Stile', p.9. See here.

(b) The Penwith Moors and Mên-an-Tol, setting for '(W)hole Thoughts from Mên-an-Tol', p.28. See here.

(c) Zennor, setting for 'Zennor Voices', p.19. See here.