Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ekphrasis - in reverse

I made an earlier post about ekphrasis, thinking in terms of poems inspired by art. Tim Murdoch has posted an interesting piece on his blog, The Truth about Lies, on art arising out of poems. I particularly like the definition of painting and poetry by Simonides of Kos.

  • Another take on ekphrasis: I came across an intriguing site Photo Link Love, which matches photographs with poetry.

From David Thomas
Caroline. Hi. Thanks for stopping by. You all have got me thinking. All the poetry I have written comes from photos I have taken. But the notion of maybe writing poems or even some short fantasy prose work based on a famous work of art.. Hmm. That might be an interesting exercise. [Davidnotes].


Susan Richardson said...

Thanks for sharing this, Coastcard. I'm collaborating with a visual artist at the moment - we've got a joint exhibition of prints and poetry here in Cardiff in September - so I'm thinking a lot about the connection between the two disciplines at the moment, and how they can feed/inspire each other.

Caroline Gill said...

This sounds an exciting project. We really enjoyed the collaborative exhibition, 'Wales: dead or alive?' in the Brecknock Museum (2004!) of work by Owen Sheers & Dan Llywelyn Hall.

Jim Murdoch said...

Appreciate the plug. It was a huge subject to tackle and even over three posts I've only been able to provide an overview. It will be something I return to in the future.

Caroline Gill said...

Jim, we will watch this space!

D is alive said...

Thanks for mentioning Photo LinkLove. As someone who has written a few poems it is very encouraging to be mentioned by someone who is much further down the road and often published too!
I added you to the blogroll as a way to say "thanks" and also so I could easily come back here and learn something about this wonderful art form.