Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Brain Fungus?

I took this photograph in a bowl in the Preseli landscape some days ago, when we were having a picnic by a stream. I have tried to identify the orange mass, and it seems to me that it may be tremella mesenterica or yellow brain fungus. If you feel you want a closer look, click on the image to enlarge! If you can confirm the identification, I would be interested to hear.

Kelly Chadwick is in the latter stages of editing a poetry anthology on fungi, called Decomposition. The aim of this intriguing anthology is to examine 'elements of what it means to be human through fungi-related poetry.'


Mistlethrush said...

Caroline - it's always a pleasure to come to your blog and find out what's going on in the wide poetry world. Your like the News at Ten for Poets. Thank you.

Caroline Gill said...

This will really make David smile!