Saturday, 15 August 2009

Window on Wales (1): Please don't let the Big Apple crumble...

The Big Apple,
a well-loved landmark in Swansea,
situated just above the Mumbles Pier.

The Big Apple was damaged last week when a car drove into it. There is talk that it may not be repaired and local people in the Swansea area are signing a petition to try to secure its future. It was built originally as an outlet for apple-flavoured drinks, I believe, and was expected to last a couple of years ... and that was about 80 years ago! If you have photographs of the Big Apple, you might consider sending them to a gallery site here.

Many people would cite 'Fern Hill' as their favourite Dylan Thomas poem. It would surely be a shame to allow the Big Apple to disappear from the home town of the poet who wrote such memorable lines about the apple boughs at Laugharne.


poefusion said...

these are great photos. i hope the petition is successful the big apple can be restored.

the big apple would be a great addition to Paintsville, KY because they have what's known as an Apple Day festival every October.

hope all is well. have a great day.

steven said...

hello caroline, there's a "big apple" not far from where i'll be riding tomorrow. similar idea. similar long history and connections that go beyond it being a place where money is made. it's part of the emotional topography of the community. i hope it stays!!! steven

Delwyn said...

Hello Caroline

I am one of Stevens's team

I am glad to have found you through Steven as I have been changed by blogging in this way too...I now stop and look and listen to all birds eager to learn about them and identify them.

I am in Qld Australia, so the birds are very different,

Happy days