Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Window on Wildlife (2): While Flocks Last

How many birds can you name on the UK red list? A new book is coming out called 'While Flocks Last', charting the exploits of Charlie Elder, reporter-turned-birder, and his quest to spot Britain's rarest birds in their natural habitats.

On the subject of birds that are dwindling in numbers, I have been writing about the cuckoo. How's this for a novel cuckoo clock-watch? And on the subject of endangered species, there is a current debate as to whether green turtles should be on the red list. You might like to look at the 60th anniversary celebrations for the sighting of Oscar the turtle in a lake in Indiana. Michael Rosen has a new book out about bird poems, 'The Cuckoo's Haiku'.

You might be interested in Built by Animals by Mike Hansell, and endorsed by UK naturalist, Mark Cocker.

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