Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Creative Corner (3): Seth's Bundle Project

Top: I thought rather than 'do nothing', I would have a go at the craft of bundle-making.
Middle: I gathered a few 'lost treasures' together.
Bottom: My back garden bundle (in its subtle state of khaki camouflage?)

The Weaver of Grass told us about an art installation project being coordinated by Seth Apter. She encouraged me to have a go at creating my personal bundle as part of the project - so here it is! It does not look very impressive, but perhaps the artistic process was as important as the aesthetics of the finished result! You can read about the purpose of this project over at Seth's blog. It will be interesting to see how my bundle weathers, and whether it disintegrates in the process or gets blown away on the prevailing south-westerly wind.

We hear so much about 'footprints' these days, that I was keen to keep my bundle as eco-friendly as possible. The 'string' constitutes a couple of palm fronds. The mottled colouring is due to my 'dye' of diluted turmeric powder. It is the start of moulting season, so I included a little shed pet hair, inspired by Crafty Green Poet and her lovely (re)use of rabbit wool. The other bits and pieces - a snail shell, a block of wood, a twig, some lavender heads and bits of pruning etc. - came from my garden, with the exception of a few choice news cuttings. I thought it would be fun to 'banish' some negative or pet-hate words, so I cut out a few and wrapped them up, too. You will find the words 'statistics', 'a problem', 'risk' and 'diet' in my bundle! Oh, and the 'bark' of my bundle is the inside of a kitchen roll.

I look forward to seeing what happens next, both in terms of the weathering process and in terms of Stage 2 of the project. How long will you keep us waiting, Seth?


Seth said...

So glad you are on board Caroline. The contents of your bundle are so interesting and the bundle looks great hanging among the branches. Looking forward to the big reveal on May 1!

Susan Richardson said...

What an interesting project, Caroline - I'm looking forward to hearing, and reading, more about it.

Mrs Pretzel said...

The process... I agree that it's been MORE to me than the actual bundle!! SO happy to be playing with you!