Monday 29 October 2012

Poets on Poet: Matthew Hollis on Edward Thomas

Matthew Hollis

I have been thoroughly gripped by 'Now All Roads Lead to France' by Mattthew Hollis. It is an excellent study of the years and days leading up to the Great War. I have almost finished the book, and was delighted to have the chance to hear Matthew presenting his subject in an illustrated talk for the Suffolk Poetry Society.

Book-signing time ...

You will not be surprised to hear that the presentation included 'Adlestrop', a place I visited many years ago on a frosty morning. After Matthew had finished speaking, members of the audience were invited to ask questions and to choose a favourite Thomas poem. David and I selected 'Swedes', a poem we had written about way back in 2003. We ventured to show how this poem emerged from prose. You can find a link to our 'Note' in OUP Notes and Queries here.

'Adlestrop - The name' Edward Thomas

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