Thursday 10 February 2011

Magazine Moment (19) : Cultural Horizon Magazine, Romania

Congratulations to editor-in-chief, Daniel Dragomirescu, in Bucharest for bringing out the latest edition of 'Orizont Literar Comtemporan' / 'Contemporary Literary Horizon' so speedily after the recent 'Antologia'.

Atlas may struggle to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders (on the red and yellow card in front of the magazine), but the world of 'Orizont Literar Comtemporan' is a welcoming, buoyant and cosmopolitan cosmos of its own that propels its reader into new realms of art, literature and the vibrant exchange of ideas. The undergirding of Atlas, however, reminds us that there is a sense in which the reader finds him or herself peering forward towards ever widening horizons, 'standing on the shoulders' of those literary giants who have begun to pave the way.

The issue opens with USA writer, Peggy Landsman's witty piece, 'Daniel's Cosmic Suitcase', about the magazine's editor, who reaches for the stars. I have alluded to this in a previous post. Some features are more earth-bound, such as 'All Things Mothering' by Terra Trevor (USA), subtitled, 'Braiding Native American Heritage Month with Thanksgiving: A Native American Mother's Perspective'. This account begins with an evocative opening:

'Wind, smelling of woodsmoke, rattles the yellow leaves off the peach tree ...'

But all has not always been well in the garden, for Katerina Kostaki's poem (in Greek with English translation) is about 'The Apple of Discord'.  
The magazine features a substantial excerpt from Daniel Dragomirescu's novel, 'Cronica Teodoreştilor / Chronicle of a Lost World'. Thanks to the translation by Loredana Andreea Matei, a second year student on the MTTLC course at the University of Bucharest, I am able to enjoy the narrative, 'Chained by Law', about Stelian Teodoescu, 'a former inspector of the Cooperation Institute' who 

'headed backwards to the other side of the yard, 
where a barn was under construction, 
filled with memories...'

Carole St-Aubin takes us back (or moves us forward) to Christmas - in the kitchen 'where love is the ingredient in every feast'. Khem Guragain from Nepal adds an oriental flavour with his book review of an autobiographical novel, 'The English Teacher' by N.K. Narayan. The protagonist, apparently, experiences an understandable sense of bitterness when he finds that he is required to 'stuff the students' at Albert Mission College' with Shakespeare, Milton and Carlyle. (Aside: I would very much hope that Shakespeare and Milton would feature on the school syllabus in England today, but I would be pleasantly surprised to find a mention of Carlyle!). 
The thought-provoking poetry of Roxana Drăguşin has a wistful philosophical air about it in places. Roxana has provided her own translation in English, and I was particularly struck by this phrase from 'Călătorii' / 'Travellers':

'We pick up smiles, flowers, butterflies ...'

Wales is not forgotten! My interview with Gillian Drake explores the realm of writing for children and adults in terms of the joys and responsibilities of creating 'another world' or bringing to light 'another dimension of this one'. My sincere thanks to Gillian for being in the 'Dialoguri Galeze' spotlight on this occasion.

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