Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Culture Corner (3): Guardian Hay Festival

(a) Caroline with fellow poet and blogger, Susan Richardson
(waiting for Lavinia Greenlaw's Housman Society Lecture to begin)
(b) A day for Wellies of all shapes and sizes
(c) A quiet corner
(d) David 'flying the flag'
(e) It never rains...

It was a good day at Hay, though you could have been mistaken for thinking that it was October rather than May. We met up with friends for tea, did a spot of book-shopping in the Poetry Bookshop (a favourite haunt) and visited the CADW and academi stands.

We had tickets for John Toman on Kilvert's Diary - a very appropriate subject for Hay - and for the Housman Society Lecture. Lavinia Greenlaw (author of 'Minsk') gave a sparkling and erudite paper on the effect of poetry upon poet and reader, of which more soon.

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Susan Richardson said...

Your photos capture the atmosphere (and the weather!) beautifully! Really enjoyed seeing you both. Not sure when I'll get around to blogging about Hay - have a bit of a blogging backlog! - so will relish your posts in the meantime...