Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Publishing Outlets (1): eTips

Wendy in the Lakes (2009)
Photo: copyright Wendy Webb, used with permission

Wendy and Caroline at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea (2008)
The May issue of eTips has just come out in rtf form. It is produced by Wendy Webb, founder of Norfolk Poets and Writers and editor of Tips for Writers. It contains an excellent interview with Wendy's fellow poet/publisher, Ronnie Goodyer of Indigo Dreams Press. It also features the first of my 'occasional column' pieces (under the heading 'Small is Beautiful') on a new poetry form that is gaining pace in the USA, the Fib (after Fibonacci), created by Gregory K. Pincus. The ezine contains good examples of the Fib by Claire Knight (whose Haiku, windfall apples..., features in the Snapshot Press 2009 calendar) and Norman Bissett.

If you would like to receive a trial copy of eTips, I suggest you visit Wendy's blog, Tips for Writers, where you can contact her via email or the comments facility.

The May edition of eTips also contains poems by poet and international reviewer, Bernard Jackson, from his sparkling Newcastle upon Tyne collection, Ballads of a Northern Town (reviewed by me in the magazine). There are, of course, announcements about Wendy's current challenges and competitions. Why not join us - and join in the fun?

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