Thursday, 10 June 2010

Magazine Moment (12) (8): Cultural Horizon Magazine (Romania)

Daniel Dragomirescu, editor-in-chief of Contemporan Orizont Literar has posted about a new anthology, under the imprint of the magazine. It will contain a sample of my work. You can read about it here:
Daniel's piece about the development of Contemporan Orizont Literar, a bilingual Romanian/English international and cultural magazine is now on the web here. I work as an occasional External Collaborator for the publication, conducting 'Dialoguri Galezi' - or interviews with poets here in Wales. Thank you, Daniel, for your kind words in the report!

Do consider taking out a subscription by PayPal (details here). You can read more about the magazine here and here - and you can always leave a comment on the Contemporary Horizon site, if you feel you would like to make a response.

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