Thursday, 10 June 2010

Conservation Corner (6): Biodiversity Week, Wales

"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a songbird will come."

Chinese saying

Better late than never: I have just stumbled across the fact that this is Biodiversity Week in Wales. If you live in Wales, you can find out about your local Biodiversity Record Centre here. You may have heard about the iSpot website on BBC Springwatch, where you can share information (and images) about nature. You may care to look at the Springwatch Wild Day Out page.

I noticed that Kenfig Nature Reserve celebrates the week with its first sighting of a Cypress Carpet moth, Thera cupressata: what a great name!

There are other initiatives and websites, too:
  • Coed Cadw | the Woodland Trust has an ancient tree trail through Bute Park, with packs and sticker books.
  • Activities in the Trefechan and Merthyr area, including bat detecting, poetry and bushcraft skills
  • Swansea and Gower events include a number of Seashore Safaris.
  • What biodiversity means in Swansea
N.B. Please don't forget the RSPB Make Nature Count survey of garden birds and mammals ... the details are here.

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Naquillity said...

butterfly, bird and fishing gear (post below) are wonderful. i've saved the websites you've mentioned for later browsing. hope all is well. have a great weekend.