Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Seasonal Splash (3): Spring on the Wing

My first Dandelion of 2010
(with a little help from Photoshop Elements)

I wonder if you have seen a dandelion this year. I am still waiting to spot a butterfly. I have seen moths in 2010, and I remember seeing an early butterfly on Valentine's Day two years ago.

Signs of spring continue to appear. The daylight hours are beginning to increase - and time is running out in the WriteLink Spring Fever poem competition. The deadline for the poem poll is 21 March, so there is still a little time to vote for a favourite poem.

You can read my puffin poem here - and the page will give you a link to all other competing poems, and an opportunity for you to vote or post a comment. I know that all who are taking part are extremely grateful for all your constructive comments and votes.

The 10 poems with the most votes will be added to the judge's personal top 10. These poems will appear in a publication. The top 3 poems of the judge's choice from the final shortlist of 20 will receive a prize. You can find more details here.

I had assumed that Spring Fever voting would close on 21 March, the closing date for poem entries - but I am not sure whether this is in fact the case! If you find out, presumably by trial and error, do let me know! Thank you.

P.S. this is the Dandelion in question,
since most of us would prefer
the real McCoy!
It was protruding from a bank.


steven said...

caroline - no flowers - wild or tame have poked their fragile heads up just yet. but they're thinking about it i'm sure. steven

Area 17 said...

An old haiku about dandelion clocks for later this year. ;-)

Bath Japanese Festival, May 2010
Alan's blog

lazy afternoon-
I drift along with the breeze
and dandelion seeds

Alan Summers
1. Haiku Friends 2 ed. Masaharu Hirata, Osaka, Japan 2007
2. Aesthetics Bath Spa University literary journal, Summer 2007


Marc Latham said...

Nice bright colours and photo Caroline.

Buds and catkins on trees suggest spring is here, as well as some warmth from the sun. Hopefully half a year of it to come...