Friday, 26 March 2010

History Matters (1): Anne Frank Exhibition, Swansea

Statue in Amsterdam

The Anne Frank Trust exhibition about Holocaust victim and diarist, Anne Frank, is to go on display in Swansea Museum on Victoria Road from 9 April to 4 May. Don't miss it.


Jeannette StG said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Wow, you are well connected in Europe -always fun to read about the countries I once visited, like Hungary, Rumania, and the rest of the Eastern Eur. countries.
Yes, History matters! Do you know that Anne Frank is probably even known more outside Holland? (I'm Dutch) Some of it it because it's kind of the expected thing to do (in war time) that they would protect the Jews. One of our friends visited us in the States and they showed us a picture that in in WWII the synagogue held its services in (now)their church (they are the pastors of that church now -it was because the Nazi's did not allow Jews to have/own property.

Naquillity said...

this is exciting. i wish i could be there for this as i have read Ann Franks diary and on occasion i have looked through my book Beyond the Diary A Photographic Remembrance. both excellent books. it's sad that she and her family had to endure what they did but also remarkable that her and her family's legacy survived all these years later. it was a terrible time in history for sure. hope all is well.