Thursday 17 December 2009

Festive Matters (1): Reading Material

The Misty Cuillin, Skye*

Are you after some holiday reading material?

You might like to visit my Scottish selection of books here on my Land&Lit blog.

Do let me know if you have any favourite wildlife/natural world/poetry/heritage books to recommend to fellow bloggers.

*My poem about a Ceilidh on Skye has been published in 'By the Winter Fires', a 2009 anthology edited by Ronnie Goodyer and Dawn Bauling of Indigo Dreams Press. The first print run has sold out, but orders are being taken for a second run, I believe.


Crafty Green Poet said...

congrats on the publication!

I have a lot of books I could recommend, I'm working on reading lists too.....

poefusion said...

that mountain is beautiful. i wouldn't mind looking out at its glory all day.

congrats on your publication.