Monday 21 December 2009

Creature Feature (11): A River Seal?

Photos: we watched these seals in Scotland in July, during a summer holiday.
They knew where they would find fish scraps from the local fishermen!

Yesterday morning we heard the exciting news that a rare bird, a Gyr Falcon, had been spotted in our part of South Wales. Well, yesterday evening we read that a seal had been sighted in the River Neath. It had actually been spotted at about 11am, yesterday morning, Monday 21 December.

It is not unusual to see the occasional seal around our Gower coast (designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), but I don't think I have ever encountered a seal in a local river before.


steven said...

caroline - i remember years ago as i was walking the pennine way end-to-end that news came through that golden eagles had returned to the lake district. it's pure magic when animals return to their original natural habitats! steven

poefusion said...

what a wonderful sighting. you've been seeing all sorts of interesting creatures. these guys are adorable. hope all is well. have a great night.