Monday, 26 January 2009

RSPB Birdwatch 30

The dome at Middleton
Middle photo: redpolls

We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the RSPB Birdwatch 30 activities over the weekend. We carried out our survey at the Middleton, the National Botanic Garden of Wales, where there was a representative from the Cardiff office of the RSPB on hand to lead guided walks and answer questions. I have submitted our official online list to the RSPB, but plan to list what I might call my 'comprehensive list' below. This is just for interest, and includes not only the birds we saw during our official hour, but also other interesting birds we spotted over the weekend. The species in my 'comprehensive list' did not need to touch down to be counted. My camera does not do justice to the beauty of the birds, but it is better than nothing. It was a real thrill to see the redpoll, and it seems extraordinary to think that only a few years ago we would have been amazed to spot a red kite! I shall log my new finds on my Birdstack (click link and look down right column).

Birds on Gower
Birds at the National Botanic Garden (this comprises my 'official list', plus extras)
  • 3 blackbirds in one go
  • 4 other blackbirds
  • 2 buzzards
  • 1 other buzzard
  • 4 carrion crow
  • 2 chaffinches in one go
  • 1 other chaffinch
  • 2 coal tits
  • 2 coots
  • 1 cormorant
  • 5 dunnock
  • 1 other dunnock
  • 6 geese in the air (could not identify clearly)
  • 1 house sparrow
  • 1 little grebe
  • 1 magpie
  • 11 mallard
  • 2 pied wagtail
  • 1 other pied wagtail
  • 3 redpoll ... and later ...
  • 8 redpoll
  • 1 robin
  • 4 other robins at different times
  • 3 stonechats
  • 1 swan in the air (could not identify clearly)
  • 1 tree creeper
  • 1 wood pigeon
  • 1 wren
Birds in Carmarthenshire on way to and from the National Botanic Garden
  • 1 red kite - in air
  • 2 little egrets
We also spotted one rabbit at Middleton! Which birds did you find?

Sites of interest:
  1. RSPB for the identification of species
  2. Katie Fuller's list (RSPB)
  3. Matt's list at Polyolbion
  4. Posting from Carol at from the field book
  5. The Guardian and RSPB 30 (video and all sorts)
  6. BBC Wales Nature Blog
  7. Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (Llanelli)
  8. Ecobirder and the golden eagle survey, Minnesota (fabulous photography)

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks Caroline. Enjoyed the sea, the sea!
Your bird list is interesting - quite different from mine. We only have a very few red kite in this area but have seen a dozen on a rubbish tip in Wales - they seem to be everywhere. We do have buzzard but not as plentiful as you. I always enjoy doing the bird watch, don't you?