Monday 12 January 2009

On your bus: the Minotaur Muse

Left: shadow

One of the first myths (after the story of Odysseus) to appeal to me was the story of Theseus - and the Minotaur who lived in the Minoan labyrinth.

My eye has just alighted on the BBC feature on 'labyrinthine' poems, which are to appear inside the Unibuses in Kent. Jeff Saward was responsible for creating the Canterbury labyrinth as an inspirational pathway. I would like to adapt the idea (since I do not have a labyrinth in my area), and have a go at trying to write a poem in motion i.e. as I walk about.

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Mistlethrush said...

Good luck with the poem in motion. What about using a Dictaphone? That's what I always think but never do...