Friday 23 January 2009

Birds: final countdown to RSPB Birdwatch 30

Publicity - of all sorts - for this event is coming in from all sides. Professor P. Brain has added his comments, with a link to the RSPB. I found an amazing and amusing poem to get us in the spirit for our individual 'birdfests and quests' this weekend. Thank you, Seabrooke.

You can download a counting sheet for your RSPB garden survey.
  • On another subject, please remember to vote in my anonymous just-for-interest poll (far right) about where you send your creative writing.
Right: King of the Castle (Tintagel, Cornwall)

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Mistlethrush said...

I was busy painting the kitchen and bathroom today (well it was raining...) but plan to get up early tomorrow and watch over breakfast coffee....