Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Bird detective needed!

© Mary Roberts 2009

© Mary Roberts 2009

This handsome bird was spotted yesterday by the coast in South Wales. The red markings under the wing, reminiscent of a robin (more visible in you click to enlarge), cast a doubt on my original ID of song thrush. The curving beak is fairly distinctive. I would be very grateful if Mistlethrush or Crafty Green Poet - or indeed anyone out there - would care to come to my rescue!


Crafty Green Poet said...

its a redwing! A lovely migratory thrush, often seen here in large numbers in the winter.

Matt Merritt said...

It's a Redwing, but the beak looks more curved than is usual, so that's probably a slight mutation. They're pretty much Song Thrush sized.
Very few breed in the UK, but large numbers arrive, along with Fieldfares (which are more like Mistle Thruish sized), from Scandinavia every winter. They're very fond of berry trees and windfall apples.
In recent years I've seen a lot more Fieldfares than Redwings, but this winter it seems to have been reversed - lots and lots of Redwings around.

Coastcard said...

Thank you very much indeed!I have sent a message on to Mary.

Mistlethrush said...

Yep it's a redwing. Tell Mary to enjoy them while they're here.

Coastcard said...

A consensus of three: thank you!