Monday, 26 November 2012

Media Matters: Radio Feebs

Josue Febles, pictured above, is running a new radio station, Radio Feebs, from Belgium. I came across Josue on LinkedIn; and since he is keen to mix poetry with the music he plays, I thought it would be interesting to learn a bit more about him.  

1] Tell me, please, Josue, a little about the creation of (or idea behind) Radio Feebs

Our idea is to have a place where musicians who are working hard and struggling to be heard can get exposure, sharing their music. The success of the radio would depend on whether all the musicians involved, as well as their fans, spread the word around, since the sum of all these audiences would become universal, the largest audience of all.

And since we want our radio to be the most eclectic one on the internet, why not include poetry and short stories, since they are another kind of music?.. That would give our radio another color too.

2] How would you describe your own artistic background - do you sing? play an instrument? compose? write novels or poetry?

I've been a musician and composer for over 40 years. I've played a very wide variety of styles with very different artists. I've also composed music for contemporary dance and films.

3] For those writers who may read my post, what kind of poems you might be seeking . . . formal? modern? radical? lyrical? comical?

We're particularly interested in non-rhyming, non-descriptive or non-formal poetry. We're looking for modern poetry, the kind that reflects on the struggle inherent to human nature. The whys and hows. The joys and pains of being a human being. With or without a sense of humour...

My thanks to Josue for answering these questions! Artists (musicians, poets, short story writers ...) who would like to have work considered by Josue for Radio Feebs will find a Contact link here.

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