Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Launch Event: 'The Holy Place', Arlington's, Ipswich

We had an enjoyable evening at Arlington's in Ipswich last night at the monthly Poetry Cafe, run by Fred Ellis. The theme was November/Remembrance, and it was not surprising that quite a few of the poems had a military feel. There were also poems crackling with bonfire imagery. A good number of home-grown pieces were read out or performed. Matthew from the Poetry Pulse showed us his seasonal poem in a novel decorated scroll. UCS and the Writing Workshop that takes place on Thursdays at 2pm (plug!) in Gainsborough Community Library were both well represented.

I did a fifteen minute reading from my chapbook, 'The Holy Place', choosing five poems dedicated to special people and places in my life. My selection included a Sestina, a Tercet Ghazal and a Sonnet. My thanks to all who came to support me and to those who bought copies of the chapbook.

'The Holy Place' is co-authored with John Dotson, and published by Peter Thabit Jones of The Seventh Quarry Press, in conjunction with Stanley H. Barkan from Cross-Cultural Communications in New York.

You can find out more on my website. I have copies of the chapbook for sale at £3.50, inclusive of UK p&p: please click the red contact button here if you would like to buy one or ask a question etc. 

The Poetry Cafe ... an Impression

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