Thursday 13 January 2011

Fiesta Time (2): International Poetry Festival in Swansea, June 2011

Blue Plaque: Dylan Thomas House, Number 5, Cwmdonkin Drive, Swansea

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A three-day festival of poetry, drama, workshops, and music 
will take place from 16th to 18th June, 
featuring writers and performers 
from the U.K., America, Canada, Argentina, Israel, Europe, Eastern Europe, and India.

Hosted by Peter Thabit Jones and Stanley H. Barkan 
at the Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea. 
Extra festival events at The Boathouse, Laugharne; 
Dylan Thomas House, Swansea; 
and the Nick Holly Art Studio, Swansea.

A commemorative chapbook will be produced 
and several awards will be announced. 
Further details and a brochure forthcoming.

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Andrea said...

Hello Caroline, i saw your comment on Rosie's at leaves n bloom, and you referred to Andrea (me), who "pipped" you.... Then there was this word 'ekphrasic', which honestly i still dont know, then i looked for it, specifically Wikipedia, and i learned. Thank you very much. Then i came in here and what an 'ekphrasic' photo it is! It seems like i am serendipitously coming accross some people of the arts through blogs, as i was checked just this morning by a certain Carolyn (another species of your name). So i am very thankful for the Carol(ine - yn/s) of this world. I'm glad to have found you!

Caroline Gill said...

I love ekphrastic ideas, Andrea, usually in the form of a union of visual and written art e.g. a painting that co-exists with a poem, the one enhancing and completing the other. You may have read my piece on the subject here. I'm amused at the 'species' of my name ;-) ...

As for 'pipped to the post', well , simply 'beaten by someone who got there or did this or that first' - but I wonder how the phrase originated!