Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Anthology Alert (8): Tiger, Tiger (A project to help the WWF)

Do you have a tiger poem waiting to pounce?

Many of us will have had our first encounter with the 'tiger in the wild' rather than with the 'tiger in the cage' through the powerful and mesmerising words of William Blake's poem, 'The Tyger'. This was certainly one of the earliest poems (as opposed to nursery rhymes) to make a lasting impression on me.

Perhaps there is a tiger poem in you, waiting to leap out on to the page. Helen Calcutt, Peter Tinkler and David Calcutt of The Written Image are preparing an illustrated 'Tiger, Tiger' poetry anthology to raise funds for the WWF Save the Tiger appeal.

If you would like to have a submission of tiger poetry or artwork considered for this inspiring project, you will find the submission guidelines here. The final deadline is drawing ever closer!  Everyone is invited to respond to the appeal, whether you are a poet, artist or tiger supporter. 

Perhaps you would like to endorse the project by sending a donation to the World Wildlife Fund's campaign to 'save the tiger'. You will find details here (with excellent video clip), and I know The Written Image has a project target of £500. At present, 3200 tigers remain in the wild.

Key Points:
Happy writing! Unleash the tiger . . .
     P.S. Members of The Written Image may be familiar to you through their recent anthology, 'Bugged'.

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    The Solitary Walker said...

    That poem certainly made a lasting impression on me, for one. I had to learn it off by heart at school. Hated doing it at the time, but now I'm so glad! I could recite to you 'Innisfree' and 'I remember I remember' and 'Ulysses' and chunks of 'Henry V' - if you had a spare half hour and would promise not to fall asleep!