Friday, 23 April 2010

Window on Wildlife (10): Here, there and everywhere

At WWT Llanelli last weekend

Do take a look at the post about a Willow Warbler
on the Gower Wildlife blog here.


We took a few days to see some sights in Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall last week.
The following pictures are mainly from this trip, but there are a few taken at WWT Llanelli on our return.
Spring has arrived, and there is a huge variety of birds and butterflies to be seen.


I would be delighted if anyone could give us an ID
for the bird below, seen off Hartland Point in Devon.

A Green Finch in Sidmouth...

... and a Goldfinch

We watched these Shelducks
from Blue Anchor, near Dunster...

A Pochard at WWT Llanelli...

... and a Tufted Duck

Prospecting: the islands at WWT Llanelli
make a good breeding ground

Is this a Rook?
(I took the shot from a long way away:
we weren't even sure if there was a bird in residence)

I think this may be a Fox Moth caterpillar.
I noticed it on the cliff path at Hartland Point.
Do take a look at the Marsland Moth pages here.

A Speckled Wood butterfly at Hartland Abbey...

... and a Peacock Butterfly

This Red Admiral (below)
was enjoying the sunshine at Blackbury Camp.
It was the first butterfly of 2010 for me!

I wonder what Spring wildlife
you have been enjoying...

1 comment:

Crafty Green Poet said...

I think your mystery bird is a peregrine, though not seeing it in context it could just as easily be a hobby.

I've seen small tortoiseshells and peacocks but no red admirals. Blackcaps are everywhere here, have also seen and heard chiffchaffs. Bullfinches and goldfinches are everywhere but its ages since i ever saw a greenfinch, i wonder why?