Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Anthology Alert (3): 'Empty Shoes' ... update

I am delighted that the 'Empty Shoes' website is now up and running. Those of you who follow this blog may recall that Patrick T. Randolph edited this book of poems about hungry and homeless people in the hope that it would raise funds for those who lack food and shelter. The volume contains over 15 poems donated by 80 poets, to benefit Wisconsin-based food banks and homeless shelters. It reached number 2 in the amazon.com pre-Christmas 'Hot New Releases' list of popular new books in the 'religious and inspirational' category.

The good news is that $1,203 has already been sent to FEED AMERICA. This money came from the recent proceeds of 'Empty Shoes', and was sent by Popcorn Press. If you would like to help the cause by purchasing a copy of the anthology, you can follow the links from this page.

You may recall that the volume includes my poem, 'Stranger'.

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April Lorier said...

Caroline, my RSS is telling me you have not posted on your card site for 4 weeks, so I was worried about you. Do I have the wrong site RSS'd?
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