Thursday, 31 January 2013

Published Poetry: The Holy Place ~ Reviews


I am delighted to have two reviews this week of The Holy Place, my poetry chapbook co-authored with John Dotson, who lives in California. The commissioned chapbook is the fifth in the Poet to Poet series, published by The Seventh Quarry (ed. Peter Thabit Jones in Swansea, home town of Dylan Thomas) in conjunction with Cross-Cultural Communications (ed. Stanley H. Barkan in New York). 
The first review by Juliet Wilson (who blogs as Crafty Green Poet), editor of Bolts of Silk, can be found here. There is also a version of this review on Juliet's page in GoodReads. I have just noticed another related post by Juliet here, on the subject of Italian feral cats, who feature in my poem, 'Monte Testaccio: Mound of Potsherds'. 
The second review, by Ian Griffiths, has appeared in Twelve Rivers, the publication of the Suffolk Poetry Society. 
I will post a line from Ian's review here ...
“For anyone who has a close involvement and appreciation of nature, place and history, this is an inspiring collection."
Ian Griffiths, Editor of 'Twelve Rivers', publication of The Suffolk Poetry Society, 2013
If you would like to purchase a copy of The Holy Place (£3.50 inc. UK p&p), please contact me via the email here
Do take a look at (and 'LIKE') the new Facebook page for the Suffolk Poetry Society. The Twitter feed is at, where you can search for @SuffolkPoetrySo or 'Suffolk Poetry Society'. 

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Crafty Green Poet said...

thanks for the links, I enjoyed reading the book!