Friday 11 January 2013

Poetry Workshop: Geraldine Green

I am much looking forward to a Writing Workshop by Dr. Geraldine Green here in Suffolk this afternoon. The workshop and reading have been arranged by the Suffolk Poetry Society and will take place at UCS (I have put the link through to the next UCS Heritage event - do book in and join us). David (Gill) and I last met Geraldine in Dylan's parlour, as the picture shows. Her latest collection The Other Side of the Bridge (July 2012) was published by Ronnie Goodyer and Dawn Bauling at Indigo Dreams Publishing. They will also publish her next book, Salt Road (2013).

It has been a busy week here on the poetry front. I attended the monthly Poetry Cafe at Arlington's on Tuesday night, where I read my Snowy Owl poem, 'The Ice Maiden of Zennor', from The Holy Place. Then I attended the Gainsborough Library Writing Workshop yesterday afternoon. I sent off one interview - and received 'Tips for Writers' magazine, which included my poem, 'Homeless Hound'.  

Incidentally, you will find Geraldine's answers to The Next Big Thing here. Thank you, Geraldine, for enabling me to host these.

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