Friday, 29 June 2012

Fiesta Time (11): Forget the Skylark ... All Poets Aboard the #twittercopter!

Not actually the
but a helicopter nonetheless (this one is at Tretower, home of the Vaughan family, so poetic connections ...)
I believe Twittercopter Poetry was launched yesterday by Sally Evans, editor of Poetry Scotland, as a means of feeling more involved in the Parnassus activities for those of us who don't live in London. The idea is that you paste the url link to one of your online poems into a Tweet (and Twitter will automatically shorten it). Be sure to include the following tags ... 
(a) #twittercopter 
(b) #Parnassus 
And then you send the Tweet out into the Twittersphere (or should that be the Twittosphere?) for all to enjoy, rather as if your poem was being cast adrift from the London helicopter. 
Then, when you are on Twitter, do look up #twittercopter to enjoy the Twittercoptered poems on display. I hope you may care to join in ... and encourage other Poetweeters by spreading the word on Facebook etc.
I was only reading Simon Armitage's account of the colossal Poetry Parnassus plans yesterday in the Poetry Society's journal, Poetry Review. I began to realise just how large a project it has all been, so it is particularly good to feel that those of us who cannot be in London, can still enjoy a poetic journey with this innovative, virtual and sustainable skyrider, the  #twittercopter! 
Ensure your poem is on board!


GliScrittidiRosettaSavelli said...

Many thanks dear Caroline,of course that I have an online poem to tweet. Here for you. Ciao Rosetta

Naquillity said...

so this can't be a long poem then? but, a haiku possibly? this sounds like a lot of fun. i may try this soon. i've got to catch up on my commenting. i've fallen behind these last two days, sigh... hope all is well. have a great weekend~

Caroline Gill said...

Rosetta, can you Tweet the url on twitter? Do you have a twitter account, I wonder? #Twittercopter.

Naquillity, if you Tweet, you can simply add the url of an online poem of yours (e.g. on your blog) and then it doesn't have to be such a short poem! A Haiku directly on to #Twittercopter would be fine, too, though! Which is where you will find the other poems to enjoy.

GliScrittidiRosettaSavelli said...

Rosetta Savelli (@rosettasavelli) on Twitter
Sign up for Twitter to follow Rosetta Savelli (@rosettasavelli). Sono una scrittrice che ama la Musica e la Letteratura e ama conoscere e scoprire.

Sorry dear caroline but I read only now.......ciao Rosetta