Thursday, 10 May 2012

News and Views (1): Norwich ... not just 'A Fine City'

Pull's Ferry, with Norwich Cathedral behind
Having lived in Swansea, which was chosen to host the UK Year of Literature and Writing (1995), for nearly 20 years, I now find that Norwich, a short train ride away and the home city of my teenage years, is the new UNESCO City of Literature!
Caistor St Edmund, Norwich
On the train journey home from Norwich today, I took this photo of Venta Icenorum, the Roman town and one of the regional capitals of Roman Britain (can you see the square of the outer walls?). The village is now known as Caistor St Edmund: it is a place I knew well from my Norfolk childhood, but I had never seen the Roman walls so clearly before. The tower-like structure towards the left is Bastion 7136.

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