Tuesday, 15 May 2012

International Echoes (15): IMMAGINE&POESIA

The Boat House, Laugharne, South Wales, UK ~ childhood home of Aeronwy Thomas

I have just had the pleasure of having a poem published on IMMAGINE&POESIA, an international site run from Italy by Lidia Chiarelli, coordinator and ideologist of this global and ekphrastic artistic and literary Movement. 

IMMAGINE&POESIA was founded in Torino, Italy, in 2007, under the patronage of the late Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan Thomas. If you follow the link here, you will notice some familiar names - such as Peter Thabit Jones (The Seventh Quarry Press, Swansea, Wales, UK) and Stanley Barkan (Cross-Cultural Communications, New York) - among the members of the Movement.   

You can read my poem here, juxtaposed with the magnificent photography of Adel Gorgy. I won't say more as you may prefer to form your own impressions of Adel's work.

My poem, 'Thalatta, Thalatta', is a Folding Mirror Poem. The form was created by Dr Marc Latham, and appears - along with my poem - in The Book of Forms by Professor Lewis Putnam Turco (see e.g. entry for 4 May 2012 if you click the link to Professor Turco's site). The book is now available in its 4th Edition, published by the University Press of New England (and here). This new 'revised and expanded edition' has as its subtitle, A Handbook of Poetics Including Odd and Invented Forms, and Marc's Folding Mirror Poetry form constitutes one of these.    
Postscript ... another magnificent Adel Gorgy photograph has now been added and paired with Professor Lewis Turco's exquisite 'Flower Moon' poem. Do take a look here.

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    Crafty Green Poet said...

    Congratulations! i enjoyed your poem and it looks an intriguing (though not intuitively easy to navigate) site.