Saturday, 21 August 2010

Poetry Form Challenge (3): Haiku

Alan Summers said... For anyone who might be tempted to enter a haiku competition, we are now open until 21st November 2010.

The With Words International Online Haiku Competition 2010: With Words

all my very best,

With Words


Naquillity said...

if only i were writing poetry right now that would be an enticing offer. good luck if you should enter though. have a great night.

Area 17 said...

The competition is open to everyone, and it's surprising how good people are when they don't think they are in a writing and/or poetry phase. ;-)

all my very best

2010 With Words Haiku Competition: weblink

Area 17 said...

For those of you who love haiku!

The results of the 2011 With Words Haiku Competition are currently held at this link: weblink

Another haiku competition will be held in the Summer this year too.

Alan, With Words