Monday, 22 February 2010

Seasonal Spotlight on Aberglasney (2): February 2010

I thought it might be interesting to compare the following photos with ones taken on 9 June 2009 at Aberglasney, the garden lost in time and home of the poet, John Dyer, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK. So this is a second batch of occasional seasonal photographs.

'Hear the thrush, while all is still,
Within the groves of Grongar Hill'

John Dyer (d.1757)

  • The House at Aberglasney (partly open to the public, often with exhibitions)

  • The view from Aberglasney to Grongar Hill (the view from my favourite seat)

  • The Upper Walled Garden (with Celtic design flowerbeds)

  • The stream in Pigeon House Wood - my apologies: my eyes alighted on the robin, and I forgot to photograph the stream!

  • The Cloister Garden: an early crocus

Invertebrate Life
  • I did not take any photographs of invertebrates this time. I noticed a number of snails in the stone-work. I looked for insect life on the edge of the pond in The Pool Garden, but did not see anything. (We have seen newts and an eel here: my photo of an eel at Aberglasney is here)
Bird life
  • This magnificent Red Kite was circling overhead.

  • I think this was a Green Finch. It was hard to see, right in the tree top - but its yellow feathers glinted in the sunlight.

  • I guess it was not surprising that there was no sign of the Pied Flycatcher we saw last June.

  • Snowdrops (and at top of post)

  • Early signs of a Bluebell

  • Primroses
... And finally, for Aberglasney's literary links (Wordsworth, Gillian Clarke...), you may like to click here. I hope you have enjoyed this virtual visit to the garden.

We drove home via the castle at Dryslwyn, where we saw a Nuthatch...

and a Tree Creeper...

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