Monday, 8 February 2010

Carnival Time (5): Simple Pleasures of Life - for Haiti

I am very grateful to Crafty Green Poet for informing us that Chris at Enchanted Oak has been holding a kind of blog carnival in praise of the simple pleasures of life. Update: this event has now come to an end, but Chris and her family have vouched to donate $2.00 to Heartline Ministries, a charity dedicated to assisting with medical and other needs in Haiti, for every blogger who posted a list, a poem, or a prose piece about the joy of simple things during the course of the 'carnival'. Do read the comment left by Chris below.

I tried to limit my choice to 5 items (as the poet in me says 'less' can sometimes mean 'more' - as in Haiku (俳句). It was very difficult to limit the list to five items: on another day, I might have posted a completely different selection of these simple pleasures! I hope you enjoy my choices...

A Butterfly on a Bush
(in this case a Comma)

A Church by the Sea
(this one is at Mwnt, Cardiganshire, Wales, UK)

(reminding me in this instance of Monet's Waterlily Paintings)

A Sunset
(this one is in Cornwall)

Vibrant Colour
(a Tulip)



Enchanted Oak said...

Dear lady, we share a love for Narnia and other pleasures on our profile lists! Nice to meet you in Wales. Your photos are absolutely lovely. What a good visit I've had with you this morning.
Thank you for taking the time to partner with us in our little benefit for Haiti. The Simple Things Challenge has finished, with over $200 raised via blessings lists like yours. Peace from Chris in California.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely series of photos, the church is beautiful in its simple design and the comma is one of my favourite butterflies (largely because it is only just now establishing itself in Scotland).

Thanks for the mention too btw and re your comment on my blog hope your sponsored bird houses attract families!

Unknown said...

I love the pictures so much!
Superb simple things!

get zapped said...

Exquisite imagery. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

Marc Latham said...

Great photos Caroline, nice variety and wonderful colours.