Monday, 1 June 2009

Beautiful Birds (8): Linnet at Rhossili

We had a glorious walk yesterday at Rhossili on the western end of Gower. It was low tide and there were a lot of people heading out to The Worm (of Worm's Head). The cliffs were adorned with yellow, white and pink flowers. There were small clumps of thrift. I was particularly intrigued by what look like cilia or little hairs on the foxglove. Perhaps somebody can explain what they are.

We enjoyed watching a pair of linnets on the gorse. The male bird is the one with the red colouring. I was surprised to learn from the RSPB and Biodiversity Action Plan sites that the linnet is a 'Red Status' bird.
  • David made the video clip below. He was trying out a new camera.


Susan Richardson said...

I think Rhossili is my favourite place in the whole world! Funnily enough, we were thinking of going there on the same day as you and David (it would have been lovely to bump into you for the second time in a week!) but ended up in the Beacons instead.

Mistlethrush said...

What a lovely place - so why does the beach look empty?