Wednesday 4 March 2009

Window on Wildlife (1): Ladybirds, Hoopoes ... and a Pink Dolphin

I was very taken with a news story in The Telegraph about a pink dolphin. I had to look twice at the photograph, and yes, it really is a pink (albino) dolphin.

The Telegraph also ran a story on the exotic birds, like the hoopoe, from Europe, Africa and Asia that will soon be making a home in the UK. It seems strange to me that our shores are not only attracting birds from the frozen north like the snowy owl seen in Cornwall, but also a number of visitors from warmer countries. Climate change can be very confusing at times! Fellow blogger, Mistlethrush, has just seen a crossbill. You can read about the species here.

On the subject of wildlife, I am rather intrigued by ladybirds at the moment; and was delighted to discover in a posting on LiveJournal that the collective term for the species is 'a loveliness of ladybirds'. Do you have a favourite collective noun? How would you feel about inventing one?

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