Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Language & Linguistics (2): Conversations in Caves?

If you were making casual conversation as you painted your cave, what would you be saying? The Times has a bizarre feature on Stone Age small-talk.

Do take a look at Professor David Morley's blog, in response to an article in The Times concerning poetry and the origins of civilization. There is a link to the article at the top of the posting.

You may be interested in this overview of the beginnings of English literature from The Yemen Times.

While I am on the subject of linguistics, I would like to mention an article I read about the fact that Shakespeare worked without a dictionary to hand. It is quite a sobering thought. I will give another plug to the truly amazing Save-the-Words site.


Susan Richardson said...

Thanks for the Save-the-Words recommendation, Caroline - I'm going to check it out!

Mistlethrush said...

I always find something new, something to think about when I visit here.