Thursday, 10 July 2008

Rhyme and Reason

I only discovered today, thanks to an email bulletin from Academi, that here in Wales we are nearing the end of the first ever Give a Book Week. This is part of the National Year of Reading, and the theme for July - somewhat topically in the light of recent news stories concerning the Queen's English Society - is 'Rhythm and Rhyme'.

I note that one of the recommended books is Singing in Chains: Listening to Welsh Verse by Mererid Hopwood and published by Gomer. This is an intriguing and well produced book (aimed, perhaps, at those who are not fluent in Welsh) about the fascinating 'Welsh bardic craft' of cynghanedd. It comes with a CD.

I have attempted a couple of 'englyn' (in English, hence the inverted commas), and know just how tricky it can be to strive for the nearest linguistic equivalent of cynghanedd. You might like to look at Zoë Brigley's Teaching Blog on the subject of cynghanedd and englyn.

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