Wednesday 22 July 2015

Launch of the Emma Press anthology, 'Slow Things'

We attended the launch of Slow Things yesterday evening. Slow Things is the latest poetry anthology from The Emma Press. It features poems on such diverse subjects as 'ice, traffic and a giant wooden boulder'. It also includes my poem, 'Dear Loris', about the Slow Loris, probably the only poisonous primate. 

The book launch took place in the Archive of Rambert on London's South Bank.

Ballet Rambert

I would like to thank publishers Emma Wright (owner of The Emma Press, above) and Rachel Piercey (regular co-editor, third from left below) for another wonderfully unique and diverse anthology.

There was plenty of opportunity for browsing on the book table; and given that the evening also included a launch of The Dead Snail Diaries by Valley Press founder and publisher, Jamie McGarry, it was hardly surprising that there was a trail of mollusc shells among the publications!

The photo below shows Jamie in full flight, regaling us with his witty gastropod poems.

It was a delightful and well-supported occasion, with a lively atmosphere, clear readings and plenty of opportunity for conversation.

Fellow Suffolk Poetry Society member, Alex Davis (front right)

Rachel Piercey with Alison Brackenbury

A buzz of conversation!

Alex Davis reading

 ... Alex and me, part of the Suffolk contingent ...

Thank you, Emma and Rachel, for a memorable occasion. 

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