Monday 2 March 2015

Stanza Bonanza ~ Suffolk Poetry Society and Poetry Swindon

Arriving at the Poetry Cafe - with Elizabeth Bracken

Six poet members of the Suffolk Poetry Society were invited to take on a team from Poetry Swindon at the Poetry Society's monthly Stanza Bonanza. Paul McGrane from The Poetry Society was our host. Maurice Spillane (Poetry Swindon) and David Gill (SPS) acted as MCs for the teams. 

Reading my set, largely from The Holy Place

Team Swindon and Team Suffolk

Back: Maurice Spillane (Poetry Swindon poet and MC)
Middle: Kate Foley (SPS), Elizabeth Bracken (SPS), Hilda Sheehan (Poetry Swindon), me (SPS), Cristina Newton (Poetry Swindon), Sam Loveless (Poetry Swindon), Louise Crossley (Poetry Swindon)
Front: Florence Cox (SPS), George Morehead (Poetry Swindon) and Cro Page (SPS)

SPS Reserve poet: Sue Wallace-Shaddad

... with Paul McGrane, host and organiser from The Poetry Society

David Gill, MC for Suffolk Poetry Society

Maurice Spillane, MC for Poetry Swindon

Thank you, Paul and The Poetry Society, for a riveting evening!


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