Wednesday 7 March 2012

Poetry Matters (17): Spring Selection of Books on Form and Structure

Spring Selection of Books on Form and Structure

Every so often I come across a recommendation for a book on the craft of poetry. I thought I would list one or two of these publications in case they are also of interest to other writers – and in the hope that readers of this post may care to share the title of recommended or favourite poetic craft books in the Comments section for us all to see.

Michael Theune's distinction between Poetic Form and Poetic Structure (and here) may be of interest to those who engage in the practice of making poetry.

I own a copy of the first book on my list below, and have just ordered a copy of the fourth book. I have read about the other books, and am listing them here as a personal prompt - and in the hope that they may also strike a chord with you.

1] The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics Including Odd and Invented Forms (4th Edition, UPNE) by Lewis Putnam Turco. This book includes three of my sample poems. You can read my post about the book here.

2] A Poet's Craft: a Comprehensive Guide to Making and Sharing Your Poetry by Annie Finch

3] Structure and Surprise: Engaging Poetic Turns by Michael Theune

4] You Only Guide Me by Surprise”: Poetry and the Dolphin’s Turn by Peter Sacks

and one that is as yet available for pre-order ...

5] Adventures in Form: A Compendium of Poetic Forms, Rules and Constraints by Paul Muldoon

and finally a brand new Creative Writing book that looks most exciting ...

6] The Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing by David Morley (available to buy from CUP). The volume includes a chapter on Poetry and Poetics by Bronwyn Lea.

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