Thursday, 17 September 2009

Literary Landmarks (2): Samuel Johnson Anniversary

Jetty at Dunvegan on Skye
(seal trips run from here)

Dunvegan Castle, Skye

18 September marks the anniversary (well, one of them - follow the link to have this explained!) of the birth of the famous lexicographer, Samuel Johnson.

We have just returned from the magical isle of Skye, following in the footsteps of Johnson and Boswell. We took a copy of Boswell's account with us: it made fascinating reading.

'We arrived at Dunvegan late in the afternoon. The great size of the castle, which is partly old and partly new, and is built upon a rock close to the sea, while the land around it presents nothing but wild, moorish, hilly, and craggy appearances, gave a rude magnificence to the scene.' Boswell, Monday 13 September 1773.


poefusion said...

Looks and sounds like a beautiful place. Your pictures are great. Did you go seal hunting? And, did you get to see the inside of that castle? I bet some poems come from your visit. Hope all is well.

Caroline Gill said...

Yes, Michelle, we took a boat to see the seals. We actually saw a lot of seals - and some 'teenage' pups. A really lovely expedition, exhilarating but quite choppy on the water!

Yes, I have been inside the castle, but that was a year ago. We spent so long in the lovely grounds and out on the seal boat this last week that we didn't have time to see the castle this time. It is a beautiful and rugged place.

I tried to write a haiku in my diary each day we were away - the poems still need a bit of polishing. I hope some longer pieces may emerge too...

Susan Richardson said...

Sounds wonderful, Caroline. When we were at Dunvegan back in 2005, the rain was torrential! Really looking forward to reading more about your trip - and the haiku and longer poems that it's inspired.

Crafty Green Poet said...

glad you enjoyed Skye, thanks for your comment about it on my blog! These are lovely photos!