Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Ancient History Matters (1): Roman Culture

Viroconium: Wroxeter Roman Town
(hypocaust heating in the middle ground)

What does the name Caesar conjure up in your mind? Conquest, perhaps or a leafy salad. Peter Jones has written a book on why the culture of Caesar's day seemed to 'function' more satisfactorily than our own. His novel and amusing book, Vote for Caesar: How The Ancient Greeks & Romans Solved The Problems Of Today, published by Orion, is available from the Guardian Bookshop. Jones takes a wide and lively sweep through Roman culture: encounter Juvenal and his frustration over the crowds in Rome. Explore the cult of celebrity through Roman eyes. John David Lewis of Duke University explores the marriage of ancient and modern themes in this intriguing book for the Brynmawr Classical Review.


Matt Merritt said...

I'll have to get hold of that - I'm a sucker for anything on the Romans.

Now I come to think of it, I wonder is that the same Peter Jones who used to lecture in politics at Newcastle University? He used to do mainly classical political thought - Plato and Aristotle and all that - so maybe it is.

johncaseyl said...

Thanks for mentioning my review!

John Lewis

Coastcard said...

Peter certainly taught us Greek from his book, Reading Greek. I loved those dynamic classes!